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CFSC is the wholly owned Canadian subsidiary of Cubic Defense Applications (CDA) Inc, based in San Diego.  CDA provides world-class training, readiness, and communications solutions for military, security, and public safety forces.   Systems are designed for flexibility and interoperability among joint and collective forces on the digital engagement field.  CDA competencies are grouped into three functional areas: (1) training and readiness systems, (2) mission support, and (3) communications and electronics.   Specific information on each of these business areas can be found by clicking on the "CDA Home Page".

In Canada, CFSC has a long standing presence with the delivery and support of Live Training Systems.  Today, CFSC is headquartered in Ottawa (Ontario), and operates five field sites throughout Canada.  The Department of National Defence employs Cubic's Air Combat Maneuvering Instrumentation (ACMI) solution to support advanced fighter training at Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Cold Lake (Alberta) and CFB Bagotville (Quebec).  For the Canadian Army, CFSC operates and maintains the Canadian Weapons Effect Simulation (CWES) Project.  The main CWES facility is located at CFB Wainwright (Alberta), while the secondary site is located at CFB Gagetown (New Brunswick).  Completing the list is the Area Weapons Effects Simulation (AWES) Project at CFB Suffield (Alberta).  The AWES project is in support of British Army training, and is related to its sister site in the Salisbury Plain, United Kingdom.

In addition to various simulation and training solutions, CFSC also represents CDA in selling and supporting a host of communications and electronic solutions to Canada.  These include direction finding equipment, receivers, high power High Frequency (HF) radios, search and rescue radios, and data links.  More information on these solutions is available by clicking on the "CDA Home Page", then the "Products and Services" tab.



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